In Memoriam of Shia

May 23rd, 2018 by Heaven At Home Staff

Shia’s Story:

Shia was born in May of 2003. Mom and Dad found her at a Puppy Half Way House in Greenville. Her and her sister came out and Shia be-lined for mom and dad while her sister went straight for the food. It really is true that they choose you. It was meant to be. She even fake puked and they got her cheaper, although looking back with what we know now, they would have paid any amount of money for her. After begging mom and dad for years about getting a dog, we finally got her in July of 2003, much to our surprise from coming back from a camping trip with our cousins. Tears of joy were shed. Shia was a Whippet/Lab mix. She was a very fast water dog who was lucky enough to live most of her life on Lime Lake. Her hobbies included racing other dogs and kids, swimming, boating, bon fires, playing bean bags and going bye bye. She was the best friend any one could ever ask for. On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, The Wheeler family said good-bye to their life-long friend, Shia (Shy Shy, Sheeba, Big Ox) of 15 years. She passed peacefully at home with all of her loved ones by her side. Her beautiful soul will be deeply loved and missed, always.

Wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge where there is always warmth and sunshine which was your favorite. I can picture you in my head running full speed again like you used to, grass flying up behind you. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.
We love you, Shy Shy!

Mommy, Daddy, Rach & Bran

Ginny Mikita on Grieving Pet Loss – West Michigan Pet Loss Support Group

May 7th, 2018 by Heaven At Home Staff

Meeting of a Grand Rapids, MI pet loss support group at Heaven at Home Pet Hospice and led by Ginny MikitaThe first rule of grieving is that there are no rules.

Companion-animal-loving Pastor and Animal Advocate Ginny Mikita makes this clear to the people who gather each month at the West Michigan Pet Loss Support Group hosted at Heaven at Home’s cozy quarters on Monroe Avenue.

“It’s important to experience grief in whatever fashion it manifests. We need to set aside the idea there is one right way to grieve or certain feelings that are correct and instead give ourselves the grace to feel what we’re feeling without judgment,” said Mikita.

Mikita’s life-long love of animals led her first to law school at Notre Dame where she sought to represent the interests of animals, and later to the ministry, where she sought to help humanity foster love for all creatures great and small. Today you might find her donning her pastoral robes at a Blessing of the Animals ceremony or using her law degree to help the health-care industry navigate palliative care among humans. Whichever role she’s playing, the themes involve compassion and community, two things that benefit those grieving the deaths of their companion animals.

The Power of Group Support

Photo of Ginny Mikita, West Michigan Pet Loss Support Group Facilitator

Ginny Mikita,
West Michigan Pet Loss Support Group Facilitator

“Sharing feelings in the safe space created by a support group can be the most powerful healing experience for people. It is healing to receive affirmation that others have experienced or are experiencing what you’re experiencing,” Mikita said. Read the rest of this entry »

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