Your visit and help with Smokey, and me, were more than expected. The genuine compassion that you showed us both can’t really be described in words. You put up with my phone calls and answered all my questions before and during the visit at our home. Your suggestions concerning my other cat’s awareness of Smokey’s passing have unmistakably paid off.”
-Lenny Giuliano

Thank you for helping us do this at home, in peace. She didn’t seem to feel anything. You have a fabulous service and I would not do it any other way.”
The Demory family

We are so fortunate there are compassionate vets such as yourself so willing to help people in their time of suffering. Know that you brought much peace to the most difficult day of our lives.”
– The Zehr family

I don’t know what I would have done without your help and counseling. It was very reassuring after I contacted you to be able to call you for advice when I didn’t know how to handle Shelby and when I was frightened about what might happen at the end. It was my nightmare that she would be in extreme pain or couldn’t breathe during the middle of the night and I wouldn’t know what to do. Knowing that you were available gave me a great deal of comfort. Also it helped to know that you would come to the house at the end because Shelby was a big dog and I couldn’t get her into the car. I know I was able to have her longer because of you.”
– Catherine Haney

I’ve known Dr. Brush for almost 11 years, I even worked with her for about a year, so I was aware of her feelings regarding euthanasia and hospice care early on.

In reality, the first hospice case Dr. Brush worked on for me was for my dog Lady. While other vets threw out basic pain relief strategies, Dr. Brush was the one that sat down with me and explained my options for keeping my little girl comfortable while giving me time to say good bye.

Time moved on as it does and I would see or talk to Dr. Brush on occasion. I learned of her business venture and her goal to make at home euthanasia safe and affordable. I was happy that she was able to fulfill her dream. We need more people like Dr. Brush in this world.

I recommended Dr. Brush to several friends when their pets needed a compassionate hand. I knew Dr. Brush would treat each grieving person with sympathy and kindness and treat every pet as the unique and beautiful creature that they are. She has a deep understanding and respect for the human-animal bond.

It came time that I needed Dr. Brush by my side again as my beloved dog Shadow started his fight with stomach cancer. With her help, I was given an additional 9 months of pain free life with my Shadow. Every time I had a question Dr. Brush was there for me whether it be by email, text message, phone call or in person. I knew I wasn’t alone in my endeavor to keep my pet pain free. I had a very knowledgeable and very important ally in this fight against pain. Dr. Brush was our secret weapon against the pain of disease. Death is unavoidable but a pain free and meaningful farewell is an option. When it came time to say goodbye to Shadow, Dr. Brush met us at my friend’s farm. It was one of Shadow’s favorite places to visit. Friends and family joined together to send Shadow on to the Rainbow Bridge. Shadow was given an injection to relax him and keep him pain free while we said our last goodbyes and offered up last little spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream. Dr. Brush was so kind and considerate at every turn, preparing us for each step. When my precious best friend left this world of sickness and pain behind, he was surrounded by people he loved. Afterwards, Dr. Brush joined us in a toast to a dog that lived a good life and brought nothing but happiness to those around him. It was a sad but perfect day. She took care of his body with respect and tenderness and I had Shadow’s ashes a few days later as that was the option I chose for him.

I just recently recommended Dr. Brush to another friend. I know they will be in compassionate and capable hands.
– Sara Neal

You were so understanding and made Tali’s last moments with us go gently and peacefully. It helped to ease our grief knowing he was able to be outside as he loved in the summer.”
– The MacLeods

Simply wonderful service. Dr. Amy Hoss Thank You for delivering a beautiful ending for Duke. I’d also like to thank you for allowing his best friend Dutch to stay close during this time. I’m so glad there are people like you in this world, doing really good things. Thanks Again.”
– Debra Van Dyke

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