Hospice Care

Caring and Comfort until the End

people_with_dog.121104436_stdHeaven at Home can provide tools, guidance and support for families going through this difficult stage of pet ownership. We help create an environment for a stress free end-of-life experience for your pet in the comfort of their familiar home setting. Our services include pain management, palliative medical care, nutritional counseling, maintaining hydration, managing issues of mobility and hygiene, quality of life assessments and caretaker support.

An initial home visit will typically include a physical exam, review of the pet’s medical records, observation of your pet and their environment, an in-depth discussion of your expectations, concerns and hopes for your pet’s final days. Within a few days you will be presented with a comprehensive plan for your pet’s care. Follow up visits are based on the needs of the family.

Pet hospice is actually similar to the hospice provided to humans. Both revolve around the idea that when the end of life is near, specialized care and comfort will be provided by the family or caregiver in an environment that is familiar and relaxing to the patient.

For information regarding scheduling and pricing, please contact our office and a care coordinator will kindly answer any questions you may have.

Compassionate home care for your companions!
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