In-Home Euthanasia

Deciding when it is time to let go of your companion animal is a personal decision which should never be taken lightly. When the time does come for your pet, being able to say goodbye in a comfortable and familiar setting often makes the loss easier and provides space to grieve. We will help you to have a peaceful farewell at home, when you and your family are ready. We can provide a supportive and caring environment to help you through the difficult process of letting your friend go.

How to Prepare for the Visit

  • Decide who you would like to be present.
  • If a family member can’t be present, allow them to say goodbye before the appointment.
  • Ask questions and speak openly about your wishes and concerns with the doctor.
  • Decide what setting you will have – music playing, a special blanket or toy.
  • There are many remembrance options after your pet has passed. You may wish to bury your pet on your property or in a pet cemetery. You may also cremate your pet and keep the ashes or scatter them in her favorite spot – see Afterwards section.
  • Remember to take time with these decisions.

Be aware that you will feel a wide scope of emotions before, during, and after the euthanasia. Allow yourself to grieve for your pet.


Care for your pet’s remains is a very personal decision. You may elect to bury your pet at home (see local regulations in your area). There are also services that can help you with the aftercare.

We trust Sleepy Hollow to take care of your pet’s remains for you. They offer cemetery and home burial services, cremation services, and memorial items. Visit their website, Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery & Crematory, for more information or see below for a sample of options provided by them.

Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery & Crematory
2755 64th Street SW Byron Center, MI 49315
Phone: 616.538.6050 Fax: 616.538.0390

Private cremation – As with human cremation, your pet companion is placed alone in the crematorium during the cremation process. Your companions cremains are returned to you in a decorative floral tin marked with their name, identification number and a certificate of cremation.

Semi-private cremation – More than one pet companion is placed in the crematory during the cremation process, but they are in separate areas of the crematory and remain segregated throughout the process ~the ashes do not get mingled. As with the private cremation service, you will receive only your pet companions cremains returned to you in decorative floral tin marked with their name, identification number and a certificate of cremation.

Memorial cremation – With a memorial cremation service, several pet companions are cremated at the same time. The cremains are then interred on our grounds. Please note: when selecting a memorial cremation service, cremains are not returned to you.

Compassionate home care for your companions!
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