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Video Consultations Available Now for Hospice & Quality of Life Assessments!

We’re thrilled to be offering you secure, HIPPA-compliant video telemedicine for Pet Hospice Consultations and Quality of Life Assessments. Video consultations will allow you to receive the same quality care as you do during in-home visits. With a referral from your routine care veterinarian, we can also provide hospice services that go beyond consultation, such as writing prescriptions and giving specific records-based veterinary medical advice.

Video visits using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet are a great way to do home walk-through assessments for hospice planning to help keep your aging pet comfortable. It’s also a convenient way to do health checks, monitor conditions, and conduct Quality of Life assessments to help you decide when the time is right for our at-home euthanasia service. Feel free to request a video visit right here from the website. We look forward to seeing you soon!

How it works:

1. Schedule appointment

Click here to request your video visit online (select the Video visit option on the form), or call our front desk to schedule: (616) 498-1316. Alternately, you may request you appointment inside the App once you’ve downloaded it.

2. Download the Medici App

Using a smartphone or tablet, download the Medici App for your device type (iOS or Android) at this link:

Enter Our Practice Code: 7DOXXAIREV

During the Medici registration process, you have the option to enter your activation code. See images below.

Entering Activation Code after RegistrationIf you forgot to enter your activation code at registration, you can still go into your app and enter the code from your provider.

3. Set Up Your Profile & Get Ready for Your Consultation!

When you are setting up your profile, please also set up your Pet’s Profile, including age, using the app menu. You will also be asked to enter payment information that will be kept on file with Medici.

Before your scheduled appointment, make a list of questions you’d like answered. Ask your routine veterinarian to send us a referral and any relevant records for your pet if possible. Please make sure you also have a list of any medications your pet currently receives. The App will also allow you to upload images, records, and communicate via text after your initial consultation.

If you need help with the Medici app, visit:

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