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Treatment Brief – Home Intervention Tips

Tips for Pets with Joint Pain

  •  Gait – Improper gait due to unclipped toenails (dogs) or claws (cats) can exacerbate existing arthritis, and is even believed to contribute to Osteoarthritis. Be sure to keep your pets nails/claws clipped.
  • Weight – Maintaining a healthy weight can avoid undue wear and tear on joints and prolong pain-free spells. It’s extremely important that pets with arthritis be kept as lean as possible. Extra weight puts added stress on the joints, and makes it harder for your dog or cat to get proper exercise.
  • Floor Mats – Norsk Reversible foam floor padding will help dogs get traction on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of painful falls and decreasing the pressure on sore joints. Dr. Brush recommends placing the mats color-side down to give your pet the best traction. You can find them here.
  • Orthopedic beds – Orthopedic pet beds range in price from $50 at big box stores to hundreds of dollars at Orvis or Dansk. Dr. Brush highly recommends orthopedic pet beds.
  • Raised Food Bowls – Raising the food bowl will allow a more comfortable, neutral head and neck position while eating or drinking.
  • Low Profile Kitty Litter Boxes – Arthritis can make getting in and out of the box painful for pets with aching joints. Low profile kitty litter boxes are designed for aging felines.
  • Ramps and stairs – Can be used to help pets who have difficulty jumping like they used to.
  • Harnesses, Slings and Mobility Aids – Can be useful to assist pets with severe joint degeneration. Check out Help ‘Em Up Harness.