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Heaven at Home Support Store

Welcome to the Heaven at Home store, where we share links to products that may benefit our customers. We will be growing this center in coming months to include links to assistive devices, commemorative jewelry, and more.

Featured Products

Memorial Keepsakes

We’re delighted to be designated affiliates to share the beautiful work of Spirit Pieces, where individual artists create lasting memories using pet cremains. With glasswork, jewelry and sculpture from more than 40 network artists, there are literally more than a thousand ways to remeber your pet. If you’d like to see ALL the products available at Spirit Pieces, visit using the link below.

Grief Support Books

We’ve included a few favorite books on pet loss grief support through the Amazon affiliate program. This means we receive a small percentage of your sale when you purchase by clicking the link in our store. Proceed will go to the Herkemer Fund, which helps offset the cost of hospice care and euthanasia for economically disadvantaged families in West Michigan. In time, we will add sections with home care aids for pets and memorial keepsakes from preferred vendors. Thanks for stopping by!