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Welcome to Heaven at Home’s Pet Memorial Center. We invite you to upload a selection of images of your beloved companion and share his or her story. Our staff will review and publish your submission to this page, and with your permission, may also post it on the Heaven at Home Facebook page. Thank you for choosing Heaven at Home to create a peaceful passing for your pet.

In Memoriam: Zoey

By Amy published on April 1st, 2024
"I am thankful for Heaven at Home; her passing was so peaceful."
I had my sweet girl, Zoey, for 18 years. She was such a good dog and my absolute best friend. She was by my side through some of the toughest years of my life. I wish dogs lived forever; they truly love us unconditionally. I miss her more than words can express. I will always love you, Zoey and I will carry you in my heart forever. Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Cheyenne

By Stella Kendall published on March 26th, 2024
"Thank you for this incredible opportunity to let her go in a beautiful way."
Cheyenne will be 14 on 5/27/24. She’s a Wolf-hybrid from Texas that found her way to Michigan. She’s been by my side since she was 3 weeks old. She was and is a magnificent beautiful companion. I love her so much. It’s going to be so difficult and different without her. Thank you for the service that let her go in the comfort of her home. It was beautiful. Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Mickey

By Tracey, Jim and Family published on February 26th, 2024
"Heaven at Home was recommended to us by a friend and we have high praise for all of the staff and the doctors who have come to our home, twice. We said goodbye to our 14…"
Mickey lived with us from when he was about five months old. We found him and his sister, Minnie, at a shelter and took them home the same day. He was my constant companion for 17 years. I particularly remember when I had pneumonia for two weeks and he laid by me every single minute of those two weeks purring and taking care of me. After that I could not sit anywhere without him coming… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Cheez it

By Casey Dillard published on February 26th, 2024
"When it was time to say goodbye I knew we had to keep him at home around his favorite smells, humans and his sister. Many family and friends had used heaven at home and highly recommend…"
We got Cheeze it, and his sister Watermelon, when they were kittens. We adopted them a couple of months into the Pandemic and shortly after we had to put down our older cat. They were just what we needed to brighten the heavy days. Cheez it only had three years with us due to a Chronic disease, but he sure changed our lives for the better. He was so big, fluffy and loved to snuggle… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Houdini

By Donna Dort published on February 26th, 2024
"I very much appreciate Heaven at Home. They were willing to work with me when Houdini rallied, and I postponed the decision. Houdini was not traumatized by it as she would have been if we went…"
Houdini 2006 - 2024 Houdini was a solid black cat with gold eyes and a tail that stuck straight up. She was a talker. Houdini was found at LaPlata County Humane Society in Durango, CO. She was about a year old. When she saw her prospective Mom, she was opening the cage door to come with me. She had a paw stuck through the cage door and was lifting the latch—hence the name Houdini. Most… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Pavel

By Lauren published on February 12th, 2024
"Dr. Laura Tay was the most sincere passionate person. She made our last moments together so peaceful. She truly cares, and treated us with care as if we were a close friend. I'll never forget her…"
Pavel and I started our life together when he was 3 months old. He was quickly labeled the most interesting dog in the world. He was known to go tubing behind boats, steal the hot dog right off your grill, and even go kayaking. He loved most to run the length of the dock and jump "pretty" off the end. He raised our dog Bell and waited patiently as over the years I had three… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Maggie

By The Thompson Family published on January 4th, 2024
"Heaven at Home was exactly what we all needed to help Maggie pass peacefully, without stress, surrounded by her whole family and in her bed (with her treats and favorite bone). Maggie could no longer stand…"
Maggie came to us as a 2-year old "puppy" when our youngest was only 4. We remember that first day she came for a visit, her personality (and body) were larger than life! My husband's first thought was "she's way too much dog for us." I knew she was perfect and for the next 13 years she would be one of our greatest loves. In her younger days Maggie loved our daily runs along all… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Blake

By Al, Holly & Kachur Family published on December 26th, 2023
"Dr. Laura Tay was phenomenal, caring and explained if needed. This at Home end of life service was 1,000% the way to handle our beloved furry 4 legged family member. No stress, no worry, allowing our…"
'Blake' Anthony Kachur, our German Shorthair Pointer, best friend, 4 legged family member. He was born in December 2011 and is now eternally resting, Dec. 2023: 12 years old Three Wise Men communicated the following to me about our four legged companions: * Dog, a man's best friend will give Us their everything of everyday every chance they can. * God decided for dogs to not speak in order to Teach us that Love &… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Bert

By Lauren B. published on December 20th, 2023
"Heaven at Home was lovely. It was a relief to have the option to be able to say goodbye in a comfortable and familiar place. They were very empathetic and treated the situation with reverence."
In his younger days Bert could run the legs off any other dog at the park and would swim for an hour straight if you didn’t call him back. He hiked mountaintops and ocean beaches, deserts and canyons, dunes and rivers, and the sidewalks of several cities. He would sit and wait until called, would balance treats on his nose until given the ok, was infinitely patient with our children who came along in his… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Rocky

By Pam published on December 20th, 2023
"Everyone at Heaven at Home was kind, respectful and understanding. Rocky was a big boy and they took appropriate measures to accommodate him in his passing. They were wonderful!"
Rocky was the king of our neighborhood! Everyone adored him and his kind and gentle spirit. Although cliche, he truly was a gentle giant. Read The Rest of This Memorial