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Quality of Life Assessments: How Will I Know When It’s Time?

The Heaven at Home team is here to help you navigate one of the most difficult series of decisions you will make for your beloved companion animal. Many pet parents harbor guilt around euthanasia decisions, wondering if they chose that option too soon – or too late, causing needless suffering. Understanding your pet’s true quality of life is not always clear or easy. Our consultations provide the time needed to assess and discuss your pet’s quality of life and options in a supportive and compassionate manner. By tracking your pet’s quality of life score, you can feel comfortable preparing for, and knowing confidently, when it’s really time to say goodbye.

Virtual Quality of Life Assessments

  • 30-minute Video Consultation with one of our specially-trained veterinarians or technicians
  • We will discuss medical questions and concerns
  • We will use our quality of life assessment scales to score your pet for future tracking
  • Our vets can make recommendations for environmental changes to make life easier for your pet or suggest medications your pet may benefit from that you can ask your vet about, but they will not be able to prescribe medication with a QOL consult