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West Michigan’s First Pet Hospice & Home Euthanasia Provider

Our services are designed to bring comfort, dignity, and eventually, a compassionate, peaceful passing to companion animals throughout West Michigan. Our services include Hospice and Palliative Care, Pain Management, Quality of Life Assessments, and gentle passing in the comfort of home. In addition, we assist our clients with aftercare options and memorial products to help you honor your bond.

Your Pet Deserves to Live Life Well

Our service is founded on the belief that no animal should suffer needlessly, but that does not always mean euthanasia is imminent. We advocate for proactive care during your pet’s sunset years to ensure pain-free enjoyment of his or her final chapter. When in-home support begins at the first signs of decline, quality of life can be improved, and your pet’s life span can often be extended comfortably, for months or years to come. As members of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, we uphold their Mission:

  • We advocate hospice/palliative care for animal companions as an alternative to premature euthanasia and as an alternative to prolonged suffering which can result either from isolating an animal in intensive care or from inadequately treating the animal at home.
  • We emphasize the terminally ill animal’s quality of life and recognize that hospice/palliative care provides the animal’s family precious quality time with the animal, and helps the family cope with the approaching death of their beloved companion.