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Resources for Parents of Senior Pets

Caring for geriatric companion animals can be a challenge. You’re not alone. The Heaven at Home Pet Hospice team is here to help you give your pet enriched and fulfilling final chapters.

Special Topics

Quality of Life Scorecard

A Quality of Life scorecard is a snapshot in time of how your pet is doing, whether they have more good days or bad. Learn how to assess what makes it a “good day” for your pet, and if they are living a Quality Life.

Pet Loss Grief Support Group

This resource will give you details about the West Michigan Pet Loss Grief Support Group plus a complete Grief Support Packet for downloading that includes ways to celebrate your pet’s life.

Managing Senior Pet Incontinence

One common area of concern for parents of senior pets is a messy subject: incontinence. Yet pet incontinence in itself is no reason to make a determination for euthanasia. Learn ways to cope at home through the use of medical hygiene products.

Donate to the Herkemer Fund

Learn how you can help economically challenged pet parents in West Michigan offset costs of home pet hospice care and home euthanasia through the Herkemer Fund, dedicated to founder Dr. Laurie Brush’s original companion.

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