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Pet Loss Grief Support

Sharing feelings in the safe space created by a support group can be among the most powerful healing experiences for people. In addition, many Heaven at Home clients find that memorializing their pet and engaging in a ritual to celebrate what their fur friend meant in their lives helps with healing. For more help with pet loss grief, join The West Michigan Pet Loss Support Group and/or talk to one of our staff for a referral for private grief counseling.

The West Michigan Pet Loss Support Group

What: Companion Animal Loss Grief Support Group is a safe place – online and in person – where those bound by the experience of the impending loss or death (recent or long ago) of a companion animal can come together to share stories, receive validation of feelings and concerns, learn about grief and the mourning process, and reflect upon the meaning of it all.
When: The Companion Animal Loss Grief Support Group meets the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:00pm.
Where: Heaven at Home Pet Hospice 1530 Monroe Ave. NW Grand Rapids, MI 49505
Who: All are welcome.
What to Bring: A picture of your pet (optional), a journal/writing instrument and an open heart.
Registration: Please RSVP with the Group Facilitator, Ginny Mikita, 616.460.0373 or ginny@animalblessings.love, by noon on the day the group meets.
Cost: While there is no charge, donations to offset costs will be gratefully accepted.
Note: The Pet Loss Grief Support Group does not meet in person during COVID restrictions. The group DOES meet virtually.

Download Our Grief Support Packet

We know this can be a difficult time for you and your family. Please download our Grief Support packet for tips to help you through the early days of grieving the loss of your pet.

The packet includes:

  • Helpful links to pet loss grief support resources
  • Recommended books
  • Tips to help you memorialize your pet
  • Guidance to help children manage pet loss grief.



Additional Grief Resources

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Pet parents who’ve had to make the difficult decision to euthanize a beloved companion often also struggle with the grief of companion animals left behind.

Meet Me On The Rainbow Bridge: Coping with Pet Loss

Pet loss grief can be complicated by a lack of social support, misplaced guilt, and degrees of bonding that might surpass many of our human-to-human relationships.

From the AAHA & Author Larry Kay:
Life After Dog

Dealing with the loss of a pet is a deeply personal experience. There is no “should” when a pet dies or has gone missing for so long that it is time to say goodbye, writes Larry Kay.