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Welcome to Heaven at Home’s Pet Memorial Center. We invite you to upload a selection of images of your beloved companion and share his or her story. Our staff will review and publish your submission to this page, and with your permission, may also post it on the Heaven at Home Facebook page. Thank you for choosing Heaven at Home to create a peaceful passing for your pet.

In Memoriam: Coco

By Brenda Johnson published on June 2nd, 2023
"We were hesitant at first because of such a huge difference in cost between the vet and HAH, but we are all so glad we decided to go with them. Our two oldest daughters came over…"
My oldest daughter brought Coco home as a tiny little runt kitten in April 2007 as a surprise birthday present for her sister--even though my husband had said "no more." We couldn't help but fall totally in love with her! We had her big brother--same mother but he was from a litter the year before. His name is Cobra and he's a big 17-lb. Main Coon--quite a difference from his petite little sister who weighed… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Diablo a.k.a. “Ablo”

By Tammy & Matt Babcock published on May 1st, 2023
"From the moment I first contacted Heaven at Home it was a great experience. They are very very quick to respond. They are all very thoughtful and kind. Dr. Brush is the one that came to…"
Diablo lived a good long life, way over life expectancy, but he did really well up until the last six months, and then a steady decline. He loved to sit on the furniture with us, he loved to sleep in our bed, he adored being let loose in our back yard so he could run freely, he liked to chase cats and bunnies for fun, and he loved getting treats. He was a very fast… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Marlin

By Natalie published on May 1st, 2023
"Making the call to schedule this appointment was the hardest decision I had to make. It was a call that brought so much guilt but I knew deep down in my heart, it was the right…"
I got my sweet boy Marlin when he was just 3 weeks old. He was sick with a respiratory infection so as soon as I brought him home, he needed a lot of care and monitoring. This is where our life-long 15 1/2 year adventure began. Marlin was a big part of my life and traveled with me just about everywhere I went. If someone saw me out and about, you would most likely see… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Willie Nillie

By Janet ellis published on May 1st, 2023
"The vet from H at H was loving, kind and gentle during Willie Nillie's last moments. I couldn't have asked for better. 💕"
Willie came into my life as a puppy and I was privileged to be her human for 14 years. She was a Golden Retriever and the best dog in the world. We had an incredible and loving bond. At 14 on a below zero night she went out the dog door and didn't return for some time. When I went out to get her she was laying in a snow bank. I signed her to… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: S’mores The Cat

By Lans and Maylyn published on April 25th, 2023
"Heaven at Home is an amazing team and facility. The care and service offered by this professional team is invaluable. The last moments with our loved one, were able to be cherished as much as possible,…"
S'mores The Cat, was a family member unlike any other. The cutest and most relaxed cat we've known. Her calm and content demeanor often found her relaxing peacefully on the front porch or in her camping chair. She enjoyed going on nature walks in the park, while riding in the comfort of her pet cart, and riding in the convertible. Eventually this enjoyment of nature turned into an opportunity to go camping as well. She… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Pierre

By Lindsay published on April 24th, 2023
"Making the decision to euthanize our dog was one of the hardest we’ve ever made. The Heaven at Home team we worked with made it a little easier. They allowed us to say good bye to…"
My husband and I adopted Pierre not long after we got married. We had many wonderful years full of walks, car rides and so many nights of snuggles. He made memories in 3 homes and with our first two children. Finding him at the shelter was fate. He was truly one of our family. Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Shadow

By Aisha Brewer published on April 8th, 2023
"Heaven at home was beyond amazing from the start. The compassion they have for you when making this hard decision and during the actual process. Thank you for making a very difficult time as simple as…"
On December 31, 2022 we said goodbye to our sweet KiKi, aka Shadow, he was 8 years old. Surrounded by a broken hearted mommy and daddy, our sweet boy went to sleep. I adopted Shadow in 2014 when he was just about 2 months old and I immediately fell in love. He was the most amazing kitty I could have ever dreamed for. Life was a roller coaster, with lots of changes but the love… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Jasmine

By Kathi & Joe published on April 4th, 2023
"Thank you to all the members of Heaven at Home. They made a very difficult situation as comforting as possible. Dr. Tay was wonderful - very patient and calm. As hard as it is to let…"
Jasmine was a stray kitten who walked into our backyard (and our hearts) 14 years ago. At that time we had no intention of getting or keeping a cat. We had a Golden Retriever at the time. We tried to find the kitten a home with no luck and it was starting to get cold outside. So we put a box in the garage......and then it got colder so the box came in the mudroom...........and… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Winston

By Curt and Cathy Remer published on April 4th, 2023
"We are eternally thankful to Heaven at Home for their kindness and exemplary care of Winston. We were able to say our final goodbyes at home, where he was most comfortable and surrounded by our love.…"
We adopted Winston in November of 2005. He was a gorgeous tuxedo with a black nose. He was a shy cat and only loved my husband and me. He would have preferred to be an only pet but tolerated his canine and feline siblings. When my husband worked from home, Winston kept him company by sleeping on his desk and playing fetch with him. He loved to snuggle with us and would nibble on us… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Toby

By Elena Elliott published on March 21st, 2023
"Heaven at Home’s compassion was priceless. They immediately responded to an unexpected devastating situation. Dr. Brush came out after he passed and wrapped my sweet boy in a warm blanket so I could see him and…"
Toby was a precious little soul who loved everyone. We called him “Toby the Wonder Dog” -a friend to all! He was always by my side and every night would let me know when it was bedtime! I will always remember those beautiful eyes and hope I never forget the feeling I would get from kissing his little forehead. Asking St. Francis to keep him in his care until we meet again. I sure love… Read The Rest of This Memorial