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In Memoriam: Choco

By Jamie DeMaagd, published on December 20th, 2023
"We had a wonderful experience with Heaven at Home. While losing our dog was tragic, they made the experience more comforting than I could ever imagine possible. They are a group of very special people and we are so thankful. "

Choco came into our lives in January of 2023 and passed November 21, 2023. There was a lot of uncertainty when Choco joined our family. He was in end stage heart failure when dropped off at the shelter at 13 years old. He had not had vet care and was underweight and missing fur. Due to this neglect, he could be reactive and mistrustful, rightfully so. The Choco we met in January and the Choco we said goodbye to were vastly different dogs. Choco spent his summer basking in the sun, visiting the beach, getting pup cups, going on cabin trips, and going for stroller rides. He even learned to walk on a leash for little strolls! While still mistrustful of unknown adults, Choco LOVED children and was so happy to meet our nieces. Our hearts break that Choco is no longer with us and that so much of his life he was not treated as he deserved. However, we never expected to have nearly a year with him and are thankful for every single day! Choco was spicy and opinionated but so loving and loyal at his core. He loved to do zoomies despite his heart limitations and loved a good mid day nap. Choco, we will love you forever and miss you always. Thank you for being the best boy.