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In Memoriam: Lucky

By Chad, published on September 8th, 2023
"The experience with Heaven at Home was extremely soothing and helpful in our most difficult time. Thank you all there for your kindness and understanding."

We were blessed with 16 years of memories from our sweet, curly boy, Lucky. He just loved to be involved in everything we did. From opening Christmas presents every year to camping, walks and car rides. How we miss his goofy self as he would push us in the back of the knees every time someone came home, just begging to be chased around the house. We love how he always wanted to be in the same room as us, snuggling up to someone, or just following us around hovering right by our feet. We miss you like crazy Lucky and know you are up in Heaven playing with all the other puppies. How complete you made our family feel will never leave our memories. We Love You Lucky.