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In Memoriam: Maizy

By Anne, published on October 17th, 2023
"We wanted to do the very best for Maizy by keeping her as comfortable as possible in her own bed at home. The entire staff at Heaven at Home was so kind and compassionate thoughout the entire process. Dr Amy had such a soft, gentle spirit. She took time with Maizy. She explained the whole process to us and listened as we retold our special memories with our sweet girl. She made sure Maizy was comfortable during the entire process. Afterwards, she wrapped Maizy her in her favorite soft blanket with her lamb stuffy."

Our sweet Maizy was the last girl yellow lab from the litter. You know what they say, “save the best for last!” She was the best! A roly poly 12 week old pup who grew with our family for over 12 years into the sweetest, most loyal family dog! Maizy accompanied us on numerous family vacations, walking trails and playing in the water, sitting in the yard watching over the chickens and ducks, was a pal to our rescue lab Bentley and rescue Billy goat but mostly mothered over our two grandchildren when they came for a visit. Maizy loved her family!
She battled diabetes the last 4 years but was a trooper with the twice daily insulin injections.
It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to our girl who brought us so much joy and so many years of memories. Maizy, we love you and will never forget you sweet girl! ♥️