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In Memoriam: Maggie

By The Thompson Family, published on January 4th, 2024
"Heaven at Home was exactly what we all needed to help Maggie pass peacefully, without stress, surrounded by her whole family and in her bed (with her treats and favorite bone). Maggie could no longer stand up and walk, so having the option of Heaven at Home come to us was such a blessing. Dr Amy was kind, gentle and was a wonderful part of us sharing memories, laughs and tears as we let go of Maggie. "

Maggie came to us as a 2-year old “puppy” when our youngest was only 4. We remember that first day she came for a visit, her personality (and body) were larger than life! My husband’s first thought was “she’s way too much dog for us.” I knew she was perfect and for the next 13 years she would be one of our greatest loves. In her younger days Maggie loved our daily runs along all the trails, stopping at every swimming spot along the rivers. She would stop to sniff everything, try to chase a squirrel/chipmunk/deer or stop to say hi to all our favorite neighbor dogs.

Maggie taught me many things about life over the many phases of life we enjoyed with her by our side, but one of the most surprising was how special the love of an old dog is: loyalty, patience, forgiveness, humility and love.

Maggie is running free of pain now across the rainbow bridge; swimming in all the lakes and rivers, taking all the boat rides, eating all the bones and hopefully found a gardening partner to help plant all the tulip bulbs and taking road trips shotgun. We will miss you big girl and I hope you are the first soul I see when it’s my time to go.