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In Memoriam: Willie

By Rosamond Robbert, published on September 25th, 2023
"The Heaven at Home vet was supportive and helped Willie leave us with out trauma."

While walking in the woods sixteen years ago a tiny black kitten jumped into my arms out of a bush. That is how I met Wilie. He has been a constant joy and interest in my life until he died this summer. He quickly settled into my house and claimed parts as his own, especially the garage. He did seem lonely and so I adopted Annabelle. Annabelle had one front leg blown off by a gunshot and also had two bullets in her back that the vet could not take out. She had difficulty cleaning her face and so every morning Willie would do that for her. Sadly she died of cancer due to the bullets in her body.

Wilie was once again lonely and so I adopted Willamena. I was advised to keep them separate for the first days but they were so upset I opened the door and saw the joy they expressed in meeting each other. They have been so happy together for four years until he died in my arms this year. Willamena clearly was sad and came more often than usual to me for comfort. Thank you Wilie for all the joy you have brought in my life.