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Welcome to Heaven at Home’s Pet Memorial Center. We invite you to upload a selection of images of your beloved companion and share his or her story. Our staff will review and publish your submission to this page, and with your permission, may also post it on the Heaven at Home Facebook page. Thank you for choosing Heaven at Home to create a peaceful passing for your pet.

In Memoriam: Chewy

By Keirsten Lone published on March 21st, 2023
"I cannot express in words how much comfort everyone at Heaven at Home provided during this very difficult moment of our lives. From my initial call to the day the vet came to our house— every…"
On March 16th, we said goodbye to our sweet and sassy Chewy. She passed peacefully at home, surrounded by her family and cuddled up in a soft warm blanket, just the way she liked it. Her dog brother, Mo, sat by her and gave her kisses the whole time. Chewy was mine and my husband’s first pet together and has been with us almost our entire relationship. We adopted her as soon as we moved… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Gracie

By Nadia VanBragt-Thias published on March 20th, 2023
"We were blessed to be able to have Heaven at Home come to our house where she was able to peacefully fall asleep in my arms surrounded by our love. We will never be able to…"
“Grace is what God does because he’s gracious. Grace is a gift of God. Not because we deserve it or did enough good works. But instead, because God is good. Grace is a result of the love of God. It’s the unmerited favor of God.” Gracie came to me with her name. My very own, God’s gift of Grace chosen specifically for me by him. I didn’t deserve her, but I loved her with all… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Vera

By John & Kathy Eaton published on February 3rd, 2023
"Kindness, warmth and compassion all around. Thank you for sharing your time with us as we said our goodbyes. Pets are more than animals, we know, but it took this experience to validate the impact Vera…"
Said goodbye to Vera yesterday. Our blessing to be her family for almost 12 years. Our astonishment that she fought off cancer for over a year. Our sadness to see her go. Our joy to recall all the laughs, leaps, long walks, love and laying in sunbeams she gave us. Those ears! And she could dig varmints like no other. Thank you, Heaven at Home Pet Hospice. RIP VV. XO 💔 Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Kaytee

By Jessie published on January 12th, 2023
"I am forever grateful to HAH and their staff for helping us cross Kaytee over peacefully, at home and in my arms. It was the best possible experience for such a difficult time. Thank you for…"
We were fortunate enough to share our lives with sweet Kaytee for 17 years. While her life ended somewhat abruptly, she had been happily living her life with cancer for an unbelievable 4 years. We never thought we’d get so much time with her but in the end, it’s never enough. She was small but tough, a fiesty hunter in her day. She enjoyed many years, both exploring outdoors and snuggling indoors. We will miss… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Sophie, Merci, and Jack

By Cindy Soto-Keenan published on December 16th, 2022
"Thank you, Heaven at Home, for your compassion and gentle care that you gave our pups on the last day on earth. I will add the compassion that we received as well during these most sad…"
Sophie, Merci, and Jack, all most wonderful members of our family. They each gave us so much love and tenderness, laughs, and understanding. They loved us unconditionally as dogs will and we miss them still, ever day. Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Louis

By Phil Bott published on December 16th, 2022
"Absolutely amazing team that gave us the closure we needed with one of our most beloved family members. Our thanks to the entire staff for making this as pleasant as possible."
Big Lou came into our life a bounding, bundle of energy, but loved us and our two boys as they grew up together. A more loyal and loving dog you could not find. Always protective of his boys and even his sister cats. He loved vacations on the lakeshore with us, laying in the sun and stretching his legs on long walks. He blessed us for 15 years of unconditional love and was able to… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Chaz Michael Michaels

By Taylor Vaughn published on November 11th, 2022
"Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the Heaven at Home Hospice team. Since discovering My dog Chaz had cancer and enrolling him with Heaven at Home, I have felt nothing but love…"
Our sweet Chaz boy crossed the rainbow bridge on November 4th, 2022. With the assistance of Heaven at Home, Chaz was able to pass peacefully at home surrounded by his family. Chaz was the sweetest and most loyal dog that stumbled into his mom’s life as a stray dog running down her road when she was just 20. Over the last 12 years, Chaz enjoyed a life of traveling all over the country with many… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Remy

By Carrie and Heather published on November 4th, 2022
"So peaceful and beautiful, thank you to everyone at Heaven at Home, especially Dr. Amy for her reassurance"
Remy was such a special boy such a big personality and full of Love. He was involved in everything we did - a very unusual cat, he liked to be a part of meals, doing dishes, showers, exercising, reading, paperwork, bills, Naptime and the list goes on. When he became very ill 3 weeks ago, we were grasping at what to do. Nothing that was tried with his vet had worked to improve his health… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Butters

By Peggy Douthett published on November 4th, 2022
"Heaven at Home is made of compassionate people who treat you like family. I am so glad I found them to help our family through a difficult time."
On October 11, 2022, we lost a cherished member of our family. 13 years with Butters was not enough, but we know he is at peace. Everyone who met Butters fell in love with him. He was always at the door to greet you with kisses and tail wags before he ran to get his favorite ball for you to throw. He loved to play tug-of-war, watch squirrels from the window, and wrestle with his… Read The Rest of This Memorial