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Welcome to Heaven at Home’s Pet Memorial Center. We invite you to upload a selection of images of your beloved companion and share his or her story. Our staff will review and publish your submission to this page, and with your permission, may also post it on the Heaven at Home Facebook page. Thank you for choosing Heaven at Home to create a peaceful passing for your pet.

In Memoriam: Bailey

By Angela Joslyn published on October 29th, 2021
"We can’t thank Heaven at Home enough. A big thank you to Dr Kim Barnes. We are forever grateful to you for your compassion and care for Bailey."
Bailey was known and loved by so many. We are so blessed to have had her for the 13 short yrs that we did. If love alone could have kept her here, she would have lived forever. One day, Bailey Jean Joslyn we will be together again. ❤️ Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Minnie

By Kate published on August 25th, 2021
"We were so glad we were able to have Heaven at Home help us. We could not have done it without Dr. Hoss. It was very comforting to know that Minnie would not suffer anymore."
When we lived in St. Louis, MO we adopted Minnie, a Maine Coon mix. She could fit in your hand but grew to be 18 pounds! She was very sweet and cuddly from the minute we got her. We moved to Chicago when Minnie was 8 and she became a "city cat." (Always inside, no worries). She adjusted to high rise living very well and loved gazing out the windows - 23 floors up! In… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Hannah

By Kevin & Malinda published on February 16th, 2021
"You were able to give us 6 more wonderful months with Hannah, for that, I can never thank you enough. From the first phone call I made to the office I knew that I had made…"
Hannah's Story: Hannah was a present to me after I graduated from nursing school. She was my very first dog I could call my own. I never imagined I would have the bond that I did with her. Her love for us was unconditional and so pure. As a puppy, she loved to curl up next to us on the couch and soak up all the attention we were willing to give. At first, she… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Azul

By Anonymous Pet Parent published on February 11th, 2021
"Thank you Thank you Thank you. You are strangers who walked us through one of the hardest days of our lives. What you do is such a gift. You helped us give her the most loving…"
Azul. I'm not sure I'm ready to post this, but your family has spent the last 24 hours doing nothing but looking at your pictures and remembering all the years we had with you and it has brought us so much joy. Our first baby. A wedding gift. 15 years ago, you were the first thing that was "ours." With those big ole blue eyes, you stole our hearts and taught us responsibility and a… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Larry Suchecki

By The Suchecki Family published on February 4th, 2021
"We are so grateful to the staff at Heaven at Home Pet Hospice for the care they’ve given Larry over the past year. Dr. Katie was so amazing with her compassion and love for Larry on…"
Larry Moses Suchecki, aged 15 1/2 years, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, January 25. He peacefully passed away at home with the help of Dr. Katie Tillman from Heaven at Home Pet Hospice. Larry was surrounded in love by his family: Guy, Christine, Hannah, and Addie. He was immediately greeted by his sister, Nala the cat, who was anxiously waiting for him in Heaven. Larry was born on August 9, 2005. He was a… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Lexie

By Anonymous Pet Parent published on January 25th, 2021
"The wonderful care from the Dr. that came to the house was so appreciated. She was gentle and caring with our girl as if she was her own. Thankful doesn't begin to cover how we felt.…"
We are so proud to have been your humans Lexie! You are a Pampered Poodle for sure girl with close to fifty wonderful babies in your lifetime. Your temperament was so exceptional. You were your Dad's greatest companion when he was living the lonely bachelor life before I came along. I knew if he ever loved me half as much as he loved you I'd be one lucky gal! Losing you has left a HUGE… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Casey

By Anonymous Pet Parent published on January 18th, 2021
"When I called Heaven at Home, Mary was kind and helpful. Dr. Katie was a calm and reassuring professional when she was at our home. It's people's kindness that is very much appreciated when going through…"
We adopted Casey and her sister Nicky in 2008. My husband and I had gone to the Humane Society to (hopefully) find a kitty to bring home. We ended up bringing home both girls. My husband was Casey's human. She loved her dad so much. At the end of his workday, she would sit on his lap while we watched tv. She was so sweet and beautiful. We miss her very much. We were fortunate… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Kodiak

By Anonymous Pet Parent published on December 17th, 2020
"My dear sweet boy, Kodiak. Rest well my dear pups. Thank you for everything you've taught me about life & how to live it."
You were adopted as a 7-week old puppy in 2007 from a good friend of mine who passed away in 2015. I wasn't a very good owner during the 1st year of your life, having no clue on how to raise a "Good Dog". Fortunately for me, you were always a good dog who didn't require me to be a good owner, and unfathomably smart as well, learning to be potty trained in around a… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Chihiro

By Anonymous Pet Parent published on November 9th, 2020
"Thank you so much for giving Chihiro such a beautiful departure."
Fathered by a Southeast side alley cat, Chihiro needed a home. A yellow tabby without a whole lot going on, he nevertheless instantly captivated Caitlin, who was six or seven years old at the time. We tried our best to keep him inside, but between five kids opening and closing doors and, in his later years, grandchildren doing the same, we never quite succeeded. He spent his days roaming the woods behind our home having… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Sadie

By Anonymous Pet Parent published on October 28th, 2020
"Sadie leaves behind her Mom, her Dad, and two sisters all of whom loved her more than they had ever loved any other dog before. In addition to her immediate family, Sadie leaves behind two sets…"
Sadie was born in 2008 but did not make her way to our family until early 2011. Our family was thrilled to welcome in our beautiful, rambunctious new black lab, and she immediately became both a companion and an exceptional guard dog. Sadie enjoyed opening the pantry and eating her favorite people foods, mostly bread and peanut butter. She once opened a jar of peanut butter all by herself, although her family is still not… Read The Rest of This Memorial