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In Memoriam: Remy

By Carrie and Heather, published on November 4th, 2022
"So peaceful and beautiful, thank you to everyone at Heaven at Home, especially Dr. Amy for her reassurance"

Remy was such a special boy such a big personality and full of Love. He was involved in everything we did – a very unusual cat, he liked to be a part of meals, doing dishes, showers, exercising, reading, paperwork, bills, Naptime and the list goes on. When he became very ill 3 weeks ago, we were grasping at what to do. Nothing that was tried with his vet had worked to improve his health and we knew he was exhausted from fighting.  Calling Heaven at Home was a Godsend and to give our boy the peaceful rest that he so deserved. He was the best boy in the whole wide world and we are so lost without him, including his pal Jade, his cat friend for many years. We are trying to be ok without you but it is so hard right now. We love you forever sweet boy!!