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In Memoriam: Gracie

By Nadia VanBragt-Thias, published on March 20th, 2023
"We were blessed to be able to have Heaven at Home come to our house where she was able to peacefully fall asleep in my arms surrounded by our love. We will never be able to fully thank all those at Heaven at Home for the kindness shown to both our sweet Grace and to us. "

“Grace is what God does because he’s gracious. Grace is a gift of God. Not because we deserve it or did enough good works. But instead, because God is good. Grace is a result of the love of God. It’s the unmerited favor of God.”

Gracie came to me with her name. My very own, God’s gift of Grace chosen specifically for me by him. I didn’t deserve her, but I loved her with all my heart!

No post will ever do her justice. Gracie was a tiny but mighty bundle of love, adventure, and attitude. If Gracie was in the room, it revolved around her. She made us laugh and taught us the ultimate unconditional love! For almost 15 years she played dress up with me, ran errands with me, biked with us, kayaked with us, traveled with us, and relaxed with us.
She made everything good even better, and everything bad less so.

Thank you, God, for our gift of your Grace who will live forever in our hearts.