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Welcome to Heaven at Home’s Pet Memorial Center. We invite you to upload a selection of images of your beloved companion and share his or her story. Our staff will review and publish your submission to this page, and with your permission, may also post it on the Heaven at Home Facebook page. Thank you for choosing Heaven at Home to create a peaceful passing for your pet.

In Memoriam: Cooper

By Holly Pendergast published on June 17th, 2022Cooper was a cockapoo that had the kindest and gentlest soul who loved children. He stole my heart and filled it with love. He leaves behind his Mom, Dad, his 2 adult children and his fur brother, Buster, and his Annie. We all love him dearly and will miss him. Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Montee

By Paula published on May 27th, 2022
"What a wonderful service to pets and owners. Montee’s last memory was of home surrounded by love vs. a fearful car ride to an office. Much easier on both of us. Dr Kate was wonderful, calm…"
Montee was rescued 3 times, once as a lonely stray, once as a failed adoption, & then to his forever home. He loved kids (played Barbie with the grandkids), did tricks for food, & was my little shadow. Loved his walks on a leash & rang a bell to go out. What a guy! Such a love. Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Remi

By Lisa Venhuizen published on May 9th, 2022
"I will always be thankful for Heaven at Home. The woman that I talked to initially on the phone and Dr. Hoss were both extremely kind and compassionate. They made a heartbreaking time easier. Dr Hoss…"
Remi was a beautiful Labrador non retriever. She just looked at us and wagged her tail if we threw a ball, Frisbee, anything. She was the most loyal, loving, gentle soul I've ever known. She was my son's best friend from age 10 to 22. Losing her has left a big hole in our hearts. I do believe we will see her again. Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Annie Marie

By Sarah Schneider Engmark published on May 2nd, 2022
"Dr. Tillman was so wonderful coming out to us and treating our Annie with such kindness (my husband and myself as well). She explained her process with keeping our Annie comfortable and was so wonderful, letting…"
April 18, 2022 It has been one week now since our Fur Angel Annie left our hearts broken, as she crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge” to join her sweet Sister Sydney Rose waiting for her💞.  Annie was a 5 year old French Bulldog rescue from Loveland, CO that was given up with 8 other female dogs that were used for breeding and were no longer wanted in 2015 😢😭.  My husband and I found out… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Hali Ortiz

By Carlos and Luisa Ortiz published on May 2nd, 2022
"Thank you for all you did Dr. Brush."
We had Hali for almost 14 years. She was the most loyal, beautiful girl. She was our youngest child and kept us company when we became an empty nest. She loved riding in the car. Her passing on 3/11 4:04 PM has put a hole in our heart but we know that she’s resting in heaven with her sister Xena. Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Elly Mae

By Kristin Bryant published on May 2nd, 2022
"Heaven at Home is truly amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. The compassion, empathy, and love they show is a blessing. Each and every one of them helps to make this difficult process a…"
I rescued Elly Mae when she was under a year old from a situation where she wasn’t treated the way she deserved. For me; seeing her in the pictures, was love at first sight. She was my running partner for years when I could run. She would be with me at my side while working with my horses. She was always trying to sneak rides from passers by because she loved car rides. She wasn’t… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Hope

By Jena Stover published on April 1st, 2022
"Dr. Barnes was so kind, warm and gentle with Hope. I think the way that Dr. Barnes handled Hope’s body after we said goodbye was equally as important to me as was the way she and…"
Hope was my fur baby for 16 years. She was about 3 years old when I rescued her from Kalamazoo Animal Rescue where I was a volunteer. She had been living in the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue store, we had at the time, for a year. I didn’t adopt her immediately because my boyfriend is terribly allergic to cats. I couldn’t figure out why no one would adopt her - she was adorable, sweet, kind, and… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Marley

By Kimberly Stephens published on March 8th, 2022
"Dr. Amy Hoss came out to my home in the morning of February 28, 2022. She was phenomenal. She was extremely kind, sympathetic, extremely caring, and was thorough at explaining to me and my friend who…"
Marley rescued me in January of 2008 when she was 9 weeks old. My ex-husband and I walked into a pet store and walked right past the little fluff ball, as my peripheral vision thought she was a Persian kitten. I fell in love with her as soon as I got her out of the cage! Her personality won us over and I've never regretted choosing her. Due to my mix-up of initially thinking she… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Ronin

By Tom U published on March 8th, 2022
"Thank you to Laurie from Heaven at Home Pet Hospice for allowing Ronin to pass peacefully at home surrounded by love! I will miss you sweet girl but believe you have found your legs again and…"
Incredibly sad and emotional day saying goodbye to my Ronin. She was an amazing dog for 9 years until arthritis took over her rear hips. She lost so much mobility over the past couple of months and I would carry her out multiple times per day. I was committed to assisting her as long as she would allow it. The vet said she will let you know when her time was done and she was… Read The Rest of This Memorial

In Memoriam: Saint

By Brittany published on March 8th, 2022
"Kim was so kind, gentle and comforting. Thank you- truly, from the bottom of our hearts."
Saint was the most gentle, kind, loving old soul. He made everyone he met fall in love with him! He loved rocks, treats and snuggles from his family. Most of the time you could find him snuggled up on our couch or hiding in the “ woods” ( our house plant) :)  He will be missed more than words can express. We love you sweet boy. You have made the last 14 years of our… Read The Rest of This Memorial