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In Memoriam: Auggie

By Chris Flores, published on June 21st, 2024
"Dr. Tay came in and was very respectful and let our family know what each step of the process was and gave use ample time with Auggie. Could have not asked for a better experience on a painful day."

Auggie was truly a gentle giant, his looks did not match his personality at all. We rescued him from a shelter where he spent almost 2 years of his life and from the moment we meet him he was part of the family. Auggie has 2 canine sisters and 2 human brothers. He loved play with kids and chasing wild animals (some time catching them). He was a wonderful companion and we are so happy we found him when we did and added him to our family. He is surely missed and a day has not gone by where his name is not said in a loving memory. May you be at peace my son. Love you sweet boy.