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In Memoriam: Molly

By Oli, published on June 24th, 2024
"If I had to go through seeing my best friend go out, this is the way I would choose every single time. I cannot imagine NOT having gone this route- the person who came was petting my girl and was so gentle.. I could not believe the care she had for a dog she just met. My dog was comfortable with her, she talked soft and was even calming ME down. We cried a little together. It felt so personal and my baby was at home, in her favorite spot and she went out like she was napping with me. I cannot express the gratitude I have for Heaven at Home, it's painful to say goodbye but this assured my dog's comfort came first. No scary car ride, no cold room... just home. Thank you so much. The experience is priceless. Nothing beat how safe and relaxed my baby looked and felt in her final moments... nothing."

Molly. Aka Molly girl, Molly-tamale, pupper-shmup, muppy-shmup, and.. best girl. She was a 13 1/2 year old with the spunk and sass of a one year old! She’s a terrier, yorkie mutt mix- and 100% loving.

She was from a scrappy part of town near my dad’s work, and once she was home- we knew we were complete. Nothing can fill her spot in the house, it’s quiet without her and cold without her snuggles.
She always knew when you needed lovin’, she did it with everyone… friends and family who’d visit, anyone who needed real love.
Around 5 years old, she was attacked by a larger dog and had surgery- huge scare. But she was herself, just anxious… and even then she wanted to love on us on daily, and always when we needed it..
In her 10th year, we discovered her decline in health was diabetes. We were sure it would be goodbye- but it was our turn to help her like she helped us so unconditionally. She was comfortable in her later years, and was good about letting us know what she wanted. We will never forget the love we got from her, she was more than we deserved- she was our shmuppy.

Thank you, Molly tamale, you are and always will be the best dog ever. And we were so blessed to be your family. Rest easy, my girl… we will see you in time. Until then, eat up all the peanut butter and chicken you desire. You earned it. Xo