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In Memoriam: Kaytee

By Jessie, published on January 12th, 2023
"I am forever grateful to HAH and their staff for helping us cross Kaytee over peacefully, at home and in my arms. It was the best possible experience for such a difficult time. Thank you for all of your compassion and follow up. It means the world to my family. Hopefully we won’t see you again soon, but thankful that you’ll be there when we need you. ❤️"

We were fortunate enough to share our lives with sweet Kaytee for 17 years. While her life ended somewhat abruptly, she had been happily living her life with cancer for an unbelievable 4 years. We never thought we’d get so much time with her but in the end, it’s never enough. She was small but tough, a fiesty hunter in her day. She enjoyed many years, both exploring outdoors and snuggling indoors. We will miss her sweet face, gentle requesting paw taps and the endless access to her soft belly. She might be surprised by how much her “annoying” little brother, Memphis, misses her but he is definitely feeling her loss. We all are!!