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In Memoriam: Cheez it

By Casey Dillard, published on February 26th, 2024
"When it was time to say goodbye I knew we had to keep him at home around his favorite smells, humans and his sister. Many family and friends had used heaven at home and highly recommend them. From the first phone call to picking up Cheeze it's paw print I was behind grateful and impressed with Heaven at Home. Dr Laurie Brush was our vet and we are so thankful for her. She was knowledgeable, kind, empathetic and trustworthy. She understood we already made the hardest decision to say goodbye to Cheez it, so when she came to our home the only thing we had to decide was where to say goodbye. She took all the decision making off us so we could hold him and enjoy our final moments - her expertise allowed us to room to grieve and be present. Dr. Brush treated him with respect and dignity when placing him in the basket to leave and assured his he would be right next to her the entire time. Thank you heaven at home staff and Dr Brush for making our final moments with our special boy Cheeze it beautiful. "

We got Cheeze it, and his sister Watermelon, when they were kittens. We adopted them a couple of months into the Pandemic and shortly after we had to put down our older cat. They were just what we needed to brighten the heavy days. Cheez it only had three years with us due to a Chronic disease, but he sure changed our lives for the better. He was so big, fluffy and loved to snuggle on top of our feet when we slept. He greeted everyone at the door and would then lay on his back until you scratched his belly. We called him King Cheez, our gentle giant. We miss him dearly, and look forward to him greeting us at the rainbow bridge.