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Aftercare of Your Beloved Companion

Heaven at home offers several options for the aftercare of your beloved companion, including the services of our new Aftercare Center for Water Cremation and Memorials. Once you are ready for us to take your pet into our care, our veterinarian will gently transfer them to their vehicle and make arrangements for aftercare. You can rest assured that your pet will be treated with compassion and dignity, every step of the way, whichever option you select. We will manage all the details at our Aftercare Center, or working with local crematorium partners you select. Local partners offer three types of flame-based cremation services for your pet’s aftercare. One also offers burial services. We can also help you find the perfect way to memorialize your pet’s life story. Our staff is here to help you navigate, and where possible, plan in advance your pet’s final resting place.

Flame-Based Cremation Options

Private Cremation

As with human cremation, your pet companion is placed alone in the crematorium during the cremation process. Your companion’s cremains are returned to you in a decorative floral tin marked with their name, identification number, and a certificate of cremation, typically in 10-14 days.

Semi-Private Cremation

More than one pet companion is placed in the crematory during the cremation process, and while they are together, they are in separate areas of the crematory and remain segregated throughout the process. We assure that the remains of your loving companion will not get mixed with other pets. As with the private cremation service, you will receive only your pet companion’s cremains returned to you in a decorative floral tin marked with their name, identification number, and a certificate of cremation, typically in 10-14 days.

Memorial (Communal) Cremation

With a memorial cremation service, several pet companions are cremated at the same time. The cremains are then interred on our vendor’s grounds.

The glass art pictured here is an example of a custom Cremains Glass memorial sculpture available through our vendor partnerships.


Burial Options

Our partners also offer onsite burial options in their cultivated gardens setting for those who prefer burial but don’t wish to do so at home. They also offer headstone and memorial markers. They offer the following burial options:

Private Burial – Choosing a site gives you and your family members a place for pet remembrance. Chapel and graveside viewings are available, depending on partner.

Natural Burial – Our partners also offer a community site to come and remember your pet. Your pet is buried without a casket. This is an all-natural burial. These types of areas offer more liberties with site decoration.

Remembering Your Beloved Companion


One way many of our families like to remember their companion is by having our visiting veterinarian take a paw imprint before final disposition. We’ve found Pawpals to be a lovely way to create a keepsake and this is included with our service.


Additional, cremains-based keepsakes are available through a variety of vendors. Creating these types of keepsakes requires sending a small portion of your pet’s cremains to the vendor for integration into jewelry, glass artwork, and other statuary. We’re growing a collection of resources to refer you to in order to find high-quality keepsakes.

Grief Support for Pet Loss

Learn About the West Michigan Pet Loss Support Group

The West Michigan Pet Loss Support Group meets monthly to share memories and facilitate healing.

Meet Me on the Rainbow Bridge: Coping with Pet Loss

This overview article discusses ways to cope with Pet Loss and gives links to additional books and resources.

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