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Treatment Brief: Cold Laser Therapy for Pain Management

Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs and Cats:

Cold laser therapy is one of Dr. Brush’s favorite treatments for arthritic pets.

“It’s not painful to the pet and we usually see quick results,” Dr. Brush says.

Laser therapy is popular with veterinarians because it’s a pain-free, non-invasive treatment with multiple applications. It can provide pain relief and improve healing in cases of arthritis, acute and chronic pain, back injuries, strains, sprains, inflammation and edema, wound healing, and more. When used to treat acute or chronic pain (such as with arthritis), pain medications can often be reduced or eliminated after laser therapy treatments.

The type of cold laser used by Heaven at Home Pet Hospice emits billions of photons of light that are absorbed and transformed into chemical energy by the body to promote faster cell regeneration and healing. The process, known as photo-biotherapy, stimulates protein synthesis and cell metabolism, which improves cell health and functionality.

How Laser Therapy Works:

There are three key ways in which photo-biotherapy can reduce, eliminate or prevent pain in your cat or dog:

  • Inflammation is reduced through vasodilation (opening of blood vessels), and by activating the lymphatic drainage system, thus draining swollen areas. Swelling caused by bruising or inflammation is reduced which alleviates pain.
  • Laser therapy stimulates nerve cells that block pain signals from being transmitted to the brain.
  • Laser therapy stimulates the production of high levels of endorphins, which are pain-killing compounds naturally produced by your pet.

While cold laser therapy is not indicated in every case it is very often an additional adjunct treatment worth trying.

Many pet owners have seen dramatic improvements in their dogs and cats who underwent the treatment. In most cases, pets feel better within 12-24 hours of treatment.

Don’t Try This At Home:

Heaven at Home staff and other trained professionals use pro laser gear that’s been industry tested, such as the ML830, FDA-cleared, Class 4 Therapeutic Laser.  Dr. Brush cautions well-meaning pet-owners against the “wild west” of internet laser sales, where an unregulated industry currently passes off various calibrations as being effective.

“The research, and hence, our usage, is based on very precisely calibrated equipment that delivers exactly the intended amount of energy. While I wish there were proven, affordable, home versions of Cold Laser for pets, the industry is not there yet, so beware of internet ads hawking low priced lasers — they’re not proven,” Dr. Brush says.