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Pain Management and Palliative Care » Treatment Brief: Nutritional Supplements

Treatment Brief: Nutritional Supplements

There are a number of supplements that are reasonably time-tested to improve health in aging companion animals, such as Fish Oil and Glucosamine. However, all supplements are not created equal, and are not tested by the FDA. Pet parents should discuss supplements and brands with their veterinarian, and consider using supplements formulated specifically for veterinary use. The following are some of the supplements you may find useful.

• Fish Oil

• Glucosamine

• Petandim for Dogs – Leveraging the groundbreaking science behind the leading Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer®* for humans, Petandim for Dogs is formulated to increase healthspan and give our 4-legged friends more quality time for tummy rubs and tail wagging.

Every cell in a dog’s body contains a protein called Nrf2. When activated by Petandim, over 200 genes get to work to support cellular health and create powerful enzymes that protect them from future oxidative stress. Made by pet parents and backed by nutrigenomics, Petandim helps our fur kids stay healthy and play harder. Learn more here: https://www.lifevantage.com/us-en/shop/petandim-dogs