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Life-Enriching Gifts for Your Senior Pet

December 1st, 2020 by Laurie Brush

The holiday season is upon us in this year “like no other” and there’s a good chance your bond with your fur-friend has been strengthened from all the quality time you’ve spent together. Pay it back with holiday gifts that will improve the quality of your senior pet’s life.

Winter Warming Beds

Both cats and dogs love nothing better than a warming bed to ward off old man winter and ameliorate aches and pains. Popular products range from “self warming sleeper” types that reflect the pet’s heat back, to protected waterproof electric beds that are regulated not to exceed the temperature of a dog or cat’s body. Some thermal “snugglers” have heating elements encased in foam that can be removed for warmer seasons.

Sporty Canine Coats

While it’s true that dogs “come with a coat,” extra protection can be very comforting to your canine during winter. It can also keep them dry and prevent ice balls in longer-haired dogs. Check out popular winter fashions such as K9 Topcoat’s Waterproof Microfleece, Weatherbeeta’s Parka or Hurtta’s Slush Combat coat.

Potty Paths and Paw Protection

Help your senior canine potty in ultimate comfort this season. Include paw balm such as Mushers Wax to protect his or her pads from ice, and be sure to use pet-safe ice melt on a shoveled potty path. Consider anti-slip booties for slippery surfaces inside and outside your home.

Ward Off The Ravages of Age

Your pet doesn’t want to “be a senior” any more than you do. Help them age gracefully with supplements designed to slow their aging. One of Dr. Brush’s favorite supplements is Petandim, an herbal formulation that includes Omega 3s and collagen. It protects against oxidative stress, and can ameliorate Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome and inflammation among other benefits.

No Dog Wants to be “Naughty”

Your senior pooch is totally chagrined when he or she wets in the house. Help prolong your mutual goodwill by knowing when it’s time to use incontinence belly-bands or bloomers.

“Senior pet incontinence is one of the greatest challenges for pet parents,” said Dr. Laurie Brush. “It doesn’t have to be that way!”

Winter Stim

Food-dispensing toys are a great way for both dogs and cats to engage mentally.