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In Memoriam: Capois

By Anonymous Pet Parent, published on November 7th, 2019
"I am very grateful to all of the staff and to Dr. Laurie for her willingness to come over late into the night to help with your passing. You helped to keep me calm and answer my questions all while explaining each step and for giving us a few moments alone after. Even as we loaded him into your vehicle and said our last goodbyes. You saw that I was lost and falling apart. So you offered a hug. Thank you for your compassion. And we are so glad people like you exist."

We brought our big beautiful boy home when he was just 6 wks old. Even though the time we had with him was not near long enough. We enjoyed the wonderful 8 years we had together. It would take me days to go through all of the wonderful things about Capois and the joy he constantly brought into our lives. He was an ambassador to his breed. The first day that we had to come home without you greeting us at the door was incredibly painful. The silence since you have been gone has been deafening. It has only been a little over 10 months since you were called home. And I am just now able to write this.

It has gotten easier. But the missing you part will most definitely never go away. It took months for me to be able to go through your things. Your bed is still next to ours. But I have a good plan in mind of where it will go. There are so many things to miss about you. The keep-away games you played with your tennis ball or always making sure you had a ball to greet people with. The way you intently watched tv and some of the commercials you were sure to let us know you hated. We miss how you wanted to be friends with whoever you would meet, human or animal. People would always compliment you on how handsome, funny, and smart you were. They didn’t even know the half of it. You were like an old soul.

We will miss you always running after the garden hose, taking our socks, barking at the television, always ready to go for a car ride. You were always excited to go anywhere for a bath and even to the vet! You found joy in just about anything. A cue all of us humans should take from our furry companions. I miss so many things about you. The symptoms of your cancer came on so suddenly and within days we had to make the heart-wrenching decision to let you go with peace and dignity.

Tomorrow, November 6th would have been Capois’ 9th birthday. No matter how painful this has been, I would do it all over again for him. People often say “He was lucky to have you.” But I truly feel “WE” were lucky to have him. So this is a Happy Birthday to our big beautiful boy. And one day we will see you again… Just on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.