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In Memoriam: Charlie

By Bob S. & Mary M., published on August 17th, 2023
"We were visited by Dr. Amy Hoss, who handled the procedure and was nothing short of amazing. She helped our precious Charlie by taking the time for him to get use to her presence and, when time, slowly administering the medications so to minimize his anxiety and our distress. She listened to our many recollections of Charlie’s antics with gentle humor and empathy all the while being aware of the process so that we could be with Charlie knowing he was in good hands. We can’t thank her enough for her professionalism and expertise. Heaven at Home provided an excellent service that we wish we had known of when we earlier said goodbye to Effie."

Charlie literally wandered into our lives 19 years ago, when I taught at a small liberal arts college in Michigan. It appeared someone had “set him free” at the end of the term, but it was obvious he had no outdoor skills when he climbed into my wife’s lap as she offered him some tuna. What he did have was charm, rambunctious character (when younger), and a fine rabbit-like coat of fur that glistened in the sunlight. (And a distaste for our second cat, Effie – who DID have those outdoor, feral skills – who repaid him with the occasional scratch on his nose for getting in her face.) Charlie was playful, often snorting as he leapt to chomp a dangling toy. He would often meet me at the back door after I was away for a weekend. In general, he was a real sweetie-pie, to the very end.