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In Memoriam: Christmas

By Thomas McCormack, published on July 12th, 2023
"We knew when it came time we wanted the best for Christmas. Dr. Barns and all the staff, with their gentle kindness and understanding gave us the personal place, for us to say our goodbyes to our beautiful Christmas. We can't thank you enough."

January 2016, Christmas came up from Texas and rescued us. There was hardly a day go by when she wasn’t by our side. Christmas was my best friend. With her sly sense of humor, playfulness and multitudes of kisses she could make me laugh like a five year old. I found out she could also make me cry like a five year old. I’m better for it. Christmas will be deeply missed and we will always remember and honor her. Christmas holds a very special place in our hearts. “Fair winds and following seas” my beautiful friend.