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In Memoriam: Coco

By Brenda Johnson, published on June 2nd, 2023
"We were hesitant at first because of such a huge difference in cost between the vet and HAH, but we are all so glad we decided to go with them. Our two oldest daughters came over and I couldn't imagine a kinder, gentler, more personal way to say goodbye to our sweet little family member of sixteen years. She deserved this. Dr. Barnes was amazing. We tell everyone how patient she was and explained absolutely everything to us. We love our vet, but there's no way we could have had the time, privacy, and ability to cry the way my daughter does in a more public place. She made little paw prints from Coco and even gave us a little tuft of her hair (that she literally cut from underneath to be respectful to Coco and you wouldn't be able to tell). She was gracious, consoling, so understanding, and gave us an hour of her time. In our own home. If you are debating on this, we could not recommend it more. It was so worth it."

My oldest daughter brought Coco home as a tiny little runt kitten in April 2007 as a surprise birthday present for her sister–even though my husband had said “no more.” We couldn’t help but fall totally in love with her! We had her big brother–same mother but he was from a litter the year before. His name is Cobra and he’s a big 17-lb. Main Coon–quite a difference from his petite little sister who weighed in at less that 6 lbs her whole adult life. She was nothing but puff–and a whole lot of crazy! Lol. Both she and Cobra have long hair and little stub tails–we called them little bunny butts because they were nothing but fluff. They were both born that way and now I can’t imagine having a “regular” looking cat! Hah. I have never known a cat with more personality than her. She loved to climb up your chest and perch, leaning over your shoulder. And if you had a ponytail, she would go absolutely nuts batting at it if you swung it back and forth! Haha. And she would sit by the sink forever just waiting for you to turn it on so she could bat at the water. She was kind of weird with water. She LOVED to bat at it and play, but the minute she thought you were going to give her a bath, she fought like her life depended on it! Even the vets knew this tiny, sweet, innocent-looking little girl would get FiERCE if she didn’t want you messing with her. She really was the sweetest, though. She slept above my head, she curled up on our laps any chance she got, she laid in the middle of my Bible when I would try to do my devotions, and she gave the best little sandpaper kisses on your nose. She was literally my little shadow–for 16 years. She was adventurous, and even though they were 100% inside cats, she LOVED to ride in the car or go camping, always standing up to look out the windows. Last year we got an old cab-over semi to pull our fifth wheel camper, and she absolutely loved to ride on the doghouse between the seats right next to Daddy–or even laying on the dash in the very front. We just camped for the first time without her Memorial weekend. I struggled quite a bit. I miss her so much it makes my heart hurt. Cobra misses her, too; you can tell. All the “memories” that pop up on your phone are helpful because I love looking at them all, but also get the waterworks started again. I know you all will understand. She was just the Best. Cat. Ever. I love you, my little Coco bean and will miss you forever. <3