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In Memoriam: Elly Mae

By Kristin Bryant, published on May 2nd, 2022
"Heaven at Home is truly amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. The compassion, empathy, and love they show is a blessing. Each and every one of them helps to make this difficult process a bit easier. I’m forever grateful for the paw print, the card from all the staff, to the email letting me know as I cry my heart out, they are here for you. Thank you for taking such good care of Elly Mae."

I rescued Elly Mae when she was under a year old from a situation where she wasn’t treated the way she deserved. For me; seeing her in the pictures, was love at first sight. She was my running partner for years when I could run. She would be with me at my side while working with my horses. She was always trying to sneak rides from passers by because she loved car rides. She wasn’t your normal Labrador Retriever; she didn’t learn to swim until she was 9 years old. After she did learn, there was no way of getting her out of the water. She loved swimming & she could lead you to where the lake was off the trails.

She had the natural ability to sense when someone was in a wheelchair to turn around and sit in between their legs. If they weren’t able to pet her, she would put her head under their hand to move it, as if they were actually petting her. Some couldn’t feel her touch, but she felt theirs. She brought many smiles to children, seniors in assisted living and to many disabled people.

Elly Mae became my Service Animal after I became disabled in 2014 from Thyroid Cancer which left me with a Severe Breathing Disability. She was a natural & the bond we had was very strong. She was the easiest dog to ever train.

Elly Mae had collapsed one day & I was told on the 24th of December 2020 she had a bleeding splenic tumor. My only option was to euthanize her. I begged to see her & as I went to go into this clinic where I had taken her completely lifeless, here she came around the corner running to me. I asked to take her home since she wasn’t suffering. I was told she had a few hours to maybe a couple days.

Elly Mae became known as the “Miracle Dog.” She continued to do her jobs up until she suffered a stroke which paralyzed both left legs on the 24th of March 2022. On the 25th I called Heaven at Home after recommendations from friends. From that moment I was met with compassion and empathy.

Elly wasn’t just a dog. She saved my life on many occasions. The hardest part was knowing this sweet girl’s mind was still wanting to fight but her body was tired. She deserved her dignity & she was ready. Dr. Hoss came in & told me Elly wagged her tail when she saw her. She was amazing & gave me all the time I needed to say my goodbyes to my sweet Princess Fighting Warrior. No matter how hard it was for me after having Elly by my side for just over 15 years; I knew in my heart I was doing the right thing. The paw print Dr. Hoss made for me was something I didn’t expect. She has a loving soul & I know it can’t be easy for any Vet to do this.

Elly would’ve turned 16 years old on May 19th. She fought to be with me for literally 15 more months from the time she was diagnosed. I may have rescued Elly Mae but in the end, she really rescued me.

It will be a month soon that Elly’s been gone & not a day doesn’t go by that I haven’t shed lots of tears. I walked with my friend earlier today with my Service Dog in training. I thanked him for telling me about Heaven at Home. It truly was a beautiful way to say goodbye.