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In Memoriam: Juniper

By Margie and John, published on October 20th, 2022
"We are profoundly grateful for the service and support provided by Heaven at Home. The ability to support Juniper at home ensured a calm and comforting environment. We were afforded the emotional support and privacy of being home and together with our other dog, Clover. We had the privilege of knowing Dr. Hoss, who was Juniper’s first veterinarian, when she was in general practice. She is more than a gifted veterinarian, also kind and compassionate– a truly special person. We were beyond grateful to have her support at the end of Junie’s life. Every encounter and communication with Heaven at Home staff felt supportive. We appreciated the special touches provided with the after care services, as well. Thank you to the entire staff for providing these valuable services. "

Our beloved Juniper left this world to cross the Rainbow Bridge on September 25, 2022. She was an adorable and precious little rescue dog who lived her life with enthusiasm and joy despite many health challenges she faced during her 14 years.

The love she had for her family was boundless. Wherever we were was where she wanted to be. She loved playing with her toys, laying by the fire, getting her fur blown by a warm hair dryer, and most of all– cuddling with her family, including her beloved Clover. She was expert at keeping an eye on the yard, vociferously announcing any person, animal, or vegetation that dared to move into her line of vision. Juniper had a wicked sense of humor– you could see it in her face as she would race past with your shoe in her mouth or when she would encourage a game of hide-and-seek. Smart and sensitive, we are quite certain she understood everything we said. Adorable, lovable, and assertive, she definitely made clear to us what she was thinking and what she wanted at all times.

We are grateful for the veterinary care Junie received over the years. We are also grateful for animal rescue organizations, such as the one who saved her, ensuring she lived the rest of her life in a safe and loving home.

Our life has been forever enriched by the love Juniper gave us during the 10+ years we were privileged to have her. She was a little dog with a huge heart and big personality. She will remain forever in our hearts. Rest in peace, baby girl.