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In Memoriam: Leemore

By Anonymous Pet Parent, published on June 25th, 2018
"Thank You for what you do, it meant the world to us to say goodbye to our dog in our own home and Dr. Brush you were so comforting. I can't thank you enough! You are an angel!"

Our sweet, handsome boy passed peacefully at home last night with the help of Dr. Brush. He was a Bernese Mountain Dog who would have been 14 years old September 11. He was given to me after I was divorced and I credit him for saving my life after the divorce and helping me to learn to live and love again. I remarried 4 years later to a wonderful man who became the best daddy to him I could have ever hoped for.

Leemore loved life so much, especially his people. He was my best friend, my shadow and my caretaker and I was the same to him. As a Registered Dietitian, I of course have always made his food for him and I feel that helped this Bernese Mountain Dog to live to a ripe old age. His love for eating chicken was almost parallel to that of his love for me. When he was a puppy, I asked him to please live for a very long time and in return I promised him I would never let him suffer.

We both made good on our promises to each other. I will forever be so grateful that there is an angel like Dr. Brush who helped us give Leemore the goodbye he deserved in his own home lying with us. We will spread some of his ashes in some of his favorite places: Kelleys Island, Ohio; Manitou Beach Michigan at Round Lake; up north in our woods where some of him will rest and some I will keep for myself close to my heart.

I love you so so much Leemy my sweet boy, wait for me on the other side.