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In Memoriam: Lexie

By Anonymous Pet Parent, published on January 25th, 2021
"The wonderful care from the Dr. that came to the house was so appreciated. She was gentle and caring with our girl as if she was her own. Thankful doesn't begin to cover how we felt. Her life was honored in the highest way we knew possible. Glad we made the call."

We are so proud to have been your humans Lexie! You are a Pampered Poodle for sure girl with close to fifty wonderful babies in your lifetime. Your temperament was so exceptional. You were your Dad’s greatest companion when he was living the lonely bachelor life before I came along. I knew if he ever loved me half as much as he loved you I’d be one lucky gal! Losing you has left a HUGE hole in our hearts. We still have your daughter Rosalie and your granddaughter, Pearl. I don’t know what we would do without their comfort. We have a piece of you through them. Not everyone is lucky enough to have three generations.

Your boy Dawson keeps saying, “Lexie, where are you.” For only being two he sure doesn’t miss a thing! There’s just so much to say about you sweet girl. You backed a stray dog off once when I was gardening. Then you dutifully stood watch even after it was gone until I finished. I’ll never forget you licking the tears off my face when I miscarried my first pregnancy after many years of infertility. I didn’t think I’d ever stop crying and for three days you laid with me. Consoling me just with your presence.

Oh and you in the water!!! You loved the lake near the house where you were born! Your human Grandma Barb and our niece Harlee were so good to you! So much fun with them. They got a kick out of you putting your head underwater for so long looking for that ball!

So many stories sweetheart. We just want to say thank you and we all love you. Missing you every day. ‘Til we meet again Lex.