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In Memoriam: Luka

By Monique Johnson, published on January 25th, 2022
"Dr. Barnes was more than we could have hoped for on our very tough day. She provided support and guidance for helping my kids through the process and we are so grateful. Luka had such a beautiful and loving farewell thanks to Heaven at Home. "

Luka enriched our lives for 14 adventurous years, and he was such a gift we will always cherish.
He traveled across the county multiple times, lived with us in 16 different places and stepped into both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. He rode thousands of miles with us and was so adaptable and loving through it all.
Luka was very smart too. As a puppy, he could pick out which toy I named with up to 5 choices: Get your bone, ball, elephant, squirrel or tug! He was energetically communicative with his pitchy bark or his tap-tap on the slider door to go outside. If we lived in a place that didn’t have a slider door, he adapted by tapping on the fireplace glass instead 🙂
He became big brother to our kids when they arrived on the scene, and we will treasure the home videos we have of him playing tug with them as babies or lightly wrestling them as toddlers.
Luka arrived after my dad passed away, and he filled a big void to become a steadfast companion in my life. Saying goodbye has been so difficult, and his absence is felt each day. We love you Luka, so much. Farewell from your family, your family’s friends and all who thought you were quite a special pup.