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In Memoriam: Madeleine

By Madeleine's family, published on June 12th, 2024
"Dr. Kim Barnes gave Madeleine, and gave us, her family, the most peaceful and meaningful good-bye. Madeleine never felt a moment's stress or pain. Dr. Barnes listened to us, listened to what had bothered us in past euthanasias (not with Heaven at Home), and made all the difference in the world in how Madeleine passed. We cannot praise her enough. "

Madeleine was part of our life for nearly 16 years. Upon arrival at our house, she let everyone know who was boss, including a four-year-old “older” brother. At 1.5 lbs, she pulled him around the living room by his tail. (Don’t worry, she decided not to keep tormenting him.) She was friendly, playful, curious, happy. (And, as it happens, beautiful.) She loved meeting people. When kids came to the door at Halloween, she twirled around the living room, thrilled. She particularly liked children. When our grandchildren came to visit she was beside herself with energy. She loved the dog park, going for walks, chasing a small ball, snatching laundry, lying next to someone’s leg when they sat in a recliner, and riding in the car. In her last years, some health issues precluded her from going outdoors. She still went zooming around the rooms. We are so grateful to have been graced with the companionship of such a sweet canine soul. She will be part of us forever.