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In Memoriam: Marley

By Kimberly Stephens, published on March 8th, 2022
"Dr. Amy Hoss came out to my home in the morning of February 28, 2022. She was phenomenal. She was extremely kind, sympathetic, extremely caring, and was thorough at explaining to me and my friend who came to be with me through the worst day of losing my little girl after 14+ years together. She took her time - she would tell us what was coming next... and said every single step of the way - if you're not ready yet, please take your time. I really appreciated her patience as I wanted every last moment to hold Marley close to me so she knew how much love I had for her. My dogs were my babies and everything I looked forward to each time I got home.

Dr. Hoss was so gentle with her when she took her from my arms after I was finally ready to let her go. She laid her into this beautiful plush bed. She took her little cheetah and laid her next to her after making paw prints with no effort (unlike the clay mold I tried to make of my own before she arrived). She gently took her paw and put it on the cheetah as if they were sleeping together and cuddling. She also waited patiently for me as I got down on the floor next to her and kissed her on the top of her head as I cried, talking quietly to her telling her how much I loved her until I was ready for her to take her away.

I chose to do an individual cremation and am waiting for her ashes to come back home which should be soon. I can't say enough good things about Heaven at Home or Dr. Amy Hoss.

My interactions with them on the telephone with Amanda were always very professional. Amanda was also extremely comforting to me when I made the first phone call to look into scheduling Marley's appointment. I've said for years that I'd be losing it when I had to put either of my dogs down. Marley was such a sweet, affectionate little girl.

If you are looking for a professional, highly-reputable veterinarian to take care of your fur baby in their time of need, I highly recommend Heaven at Home Pet Hospice. When her little sister's time comes, I will be contacting them again if I'm blessed enough to know in advance that her time has come.

THANK YOU Heaven at Home Pet Hospice and especially to Dr. Amy Hoss for your outstanding services and for taking such great care of me and especially my dear sweet Marley."

Marley rescued me in January of 2008 when she was 9 weeks old. My ex-husband and I walked into a pet store and walked right past the little fluff ball, as my peripheral vision thought she was a Persian kitten. I fell in love with her as soon as I got her out of the cage! Her personality won us over and I’ve never regretted choosing her. Due to my mix-up of initially thinking she was a kitten, she quickly got the nick name “Pretty kitty.”

I spent the first 4 years of her life driving over-the-road with my husband (at the time). I often zipped her up inside of my coat in the winter months and brought her into truck stops, etc., without anyone knowing as she was so small.

She loved to snuggle and loved being with us 24/7. Likewise, I suffered from separation anxiety probably as much as she did every time I had to leave her for more than a few minutes at a time.

Marley had a beautiful personality and loved to play. She was my shadow – she followed me into whatever room I walked into – I was never alone in my years with her. She loved riding in the truck or any vehicle. She just wanted to be with me. Her unconditional love was such a blessing to me. She loved green beans, scrambled eggs, angus beef burgers, albacore tuna, bologna and peanut butter! She also loved her Teenie Greenies dental treats, and just about anything I was eating, she would sit by my feet and stare me down. That look on her face always melted my heart. Her eyes had so much expression in them.

When she was a small puppy, we found a cheetah that resembled a bear-skinned rug with the head sticking up and each paw had a squeaker in it. That became her favorite toy. She got excited whenever we put it near her. She laid on it… slept on it and she played with it… she loved that cheetah. It was so funny to watch her with it. Her little eyes lit up each time she got to play with it.

I neglected to take her to the vet for regular teeth cleanings as I had no idea how important they are to our fur babies. Unfortunately, when she was 8-9 years old, she had to have all but 4 teeth pulled because of it. From that day on, her tongue would always be slightly out of her mouth. That also led to her having Cushing’s Disease. I gave her daily medication for it for the rest of her years.

In January of 2022, I took her to my family vet for her annual check-up and was told I was extremely lucky she was still alive at the age of 14, especially for as many years as she had Cushing’s Disease. That really struck me hard and made me cherish my days with her that much more, knowing her days were most likely numbered.

On February 18th of 2022, I took her to my veterinarian as she was showing less interest in food. My veterinarian diagnosed her with lymphoma, assuring me she wasn’t in any pain yet. She suggested I start thinking of end of life options. She gave me a prescription of steroids to stimulate her appetite. She also gave me two brochures of veterinarians that would come out to our home to put her down in her own home to ease her stress and keep her comfortable. I didn’t know that was an option!!