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In Memoriam: Maximus Decimus Meridius

By Nicole Kelley, published on May 29th, 2024
"Heaven at Home is full of amazing people who have made this experience just a little easier. Very kind, caring and compassionate. I will forever the kindness and care that went into losing our best friend."

Max represented more than just a pet. More than even a companion. He was loyal, sensitive, protective, and above all, he was always there. Bruce went through tough times, but Max was always there. To greet him, or to cuddle, or to give those good howls. I will forever miss those howls. Bruce and Max were always together, through thick and thin. So when Bruce’s family asked us to take Max, it warmed my heart beyond words. It was an honor I was willing to take on. This dog has proved to be the best friend I’ve ever had. I’ve known him since he was a baby, and we’ve always been close. The best part of going to Bruce’s was spending time with Max (sorry Bruce). For 14 years he’s brought me so much joy, but the last 7 he has lit up this house with love, loyalty and energy. And after he met Ava, I took a back seat. We all did. Max was Bruce’s dog until he was Ava’s. He wouldn’t sleep anywhere but where she was, and I pray for anyone that tried to come near her. He was my best friend, and a part of me is now forever gone, but I try to find solace in the idea that he’s reunited with Bruce and there’s no more pain. I love you, Maximus, and I miss you wholly and sincerely. Thank you for being you.