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In Memoriam: McTavish

By Alexandra Dantuma, published on July 11th, 2022
"Everyone connected with “Heaven at Home” is caring, thoughtful, Competent, and will help you traverse this sad pathway."

McTavish was our first Scottish Terrier. He was a birthday gift from my husband. Love at first sight is an understatement…he totally melted my heart. Full of spunk and spirit. Loved life, people, rolling in the grass, and fighting with the vacuum, and sprinkler. He added so much joy to our lives. He loved it when we would bring him up to Charlevoix…loved the beach and chasing seagulls. He was tremendously obedient and faithful. I almost died after having open heart surgery…after being in the hospital for 40 days, we could hardly contain his and my his excitement when I finally was able to come home and have him curled up beside me on my bed. About a year previously he had a toe removed due to cancer. Only two months after I came home his cancer returned..within just a couple of days his decline was so rapid that it was undeniable…we had to release him from this.  So, 3 days before his 14th birthday…Dr. Laurie came to our home. She was so kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and caring. It was absolutely the hardest thing I have ever ever had to go through, but she game me strength and courage to help me through it. I would say to “Anyone” that has to go through this time in life to absolutely consider “Heaven at Home” as the way to do it. They make a horrible situation bearable.