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In Memoriam: Monkey Bair

By Anonymous Pet Parent, published on October 20th, 2020
"Monkey’s final months and last day were incredibly difficult and painful, but they would’ve been much more so without the help of Dr. Hoss. She was patient, kind, and generous throughout the entire process. From the outset of our hospice journey, we always felt comfortable and at ease interacting with her. While words will never express our sentiments adequately, we truly valued her empathy, compassion, and professionalism."

My wife and I adopted “Dobie” from the Lake County Animal Shelter in Crown Point, Indiana only a few months after getting married. We changed his name to Monkey due to his unusual curly tail and his boundless energy.

Monkey loved being in the sun, chasing birds, destroying squeaky toys, eating snow, and long walks around parks and the neighborhood. He had a particular dislike for the rain and fireworks, both of which would set him into an intense tizzy. Every storm and Fourth of July brought lots of sleepless and emotional nights.

Monkey helped us grow and mature into being first-time dog parents and, later on, human parents. He took his role as the protector or guardian of the household very seriously. We will always remember him as our “baby” and for all of the ear kisses he gave us.

Monkey passed away at home on September 10, 2020, after a lengthy battle with a number of chronic medical conditions.