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In Memoriam: Pudge

By Julie Endres, published on July 11th, 2022
"I can not say enough good things about Heaven at Home. Both Mary & Catherine were so compassionate on the phone and amazingly understood what I was saying even though I was crying hysterically. Dr. Barnes arrived at our home with treats in her pockets, and Pudge who was just lying in bed all day, got up and greeted her and emptied her pockets. From the attached picture, you can see his smile. Dr Barnes was so gentle, caring and explained everything calmly and clearly. She made us all feel comforted during this difficult procedure. "

We rescued Pudge as a puppy and he lived an amazing 15+ years with such a loving heart. He grew up with my own two children and was truly my third child. He loved his walks everyday, even in the winter. As he aged, they became strolls but he was always excited to walk the neighborhood, parks and trails and greet dogs and people alike. He was deeply loved and will be missed everyday.