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In Memoriam: Remi

By Lisa Venhuizen, published on May 9th, 2022
"I will always be thankful for Heaven at Home. The woman that I talked to initially on the phone and Dr. Hoss were both extremely kind and compassionate. They made a heartbreaking time easier. Dr Hoss was so careful and caring with Remi. All that she said to us and Remi was heartfelt and just what we needed to hear. When we were putting Remi into her vehicle on the stretcher I remember that she said she will take care of her like her own and I had total faith that she would. I am so thankful that Remi got to be set free from her arthritic body in her home, on her bed with her family and a very knowledgeable, compassionate vet to help her. She's running free now."

Remi was a beautiful Labrador non retriever. She just looked at us and wagged her tail if we threw a ball, Frisbee, anything. She was the most loyal, loving, gentle soul I’ve ever known.
She was my son’s best friend from age 10 to 22. Losing her has left a big hole in our hearts. I do believe we will see her again.