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In Memoriam: Ronin

By Tom U, published on March 8th, 2022
"Thank you to Laurie from Heaven at Home Pet Hospice for allowing Ronin to pass peacefully at home surrounded by love! I will miss you sweet girl but believe you have found your legs again and are chasing frisbees on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge... Until we meet again—thank you for your protection, love and companionship!"

Incredibly sad and emotional day saying goodbye to my Ronin. She was an amazing dog for 9 years until arthritis took over her rear hips. She lost so much mobility over the past couple of months and I would carry her out multiple times per day. I was committed to assisting her as long as she would allow it. The vet said she will let you know when her time was done and she was ready to leave, and that day came this morning…