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In Memoriam: Savannah & Mocha

By Anonymous Pet Parent, published on February 4th, 2020
"It would have been traumatic for them to be brought to the vet office so we are very thankful they could pass at home where they were comfortable. We got their paw prints and fur and they passed peacefully in their momma's lap. Thank you so much."

Savannah was a feisty, moody, strong-willed yet caring, gentle, and loving cat. She was my best friend since we brought her home as a kitten when I was 5 til she crossed the rainbow bridge 18 years later. She seemed to have a way of knowing when you were sad and needed some cuddles and would curl up on your lap.

Mocha was the opposite, a shy and timid kitty, we brought her home after our other cat suddenly passed away. Despite their differences, Savannah and Mocha were the best of friends and partners in crime. She even would help groom Savannah when she got older and arthritic. And in the end, they took their final journey across the bridge side by side.