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In Memoriam: Title

By Stephanie, published on June 29th, 2023
"Losing Title was one of the hardest moments my husband and I have ever experienced. However, Heaven at Home made it so much easier. Although Title loved people, he was not overly fond of going to the vet. His last moments were peaceful and calm at home in his comfy bed with all the pets and “good boy”s. Our visiting vet was so kind and explained everything. You can tell how much they care— we could see tears in her eyes as she left our home. As hard as it was, the experience was what we hoped for our boy. "

Title came into our lives after a co-worker shared with us that her friend who was a vet was visiting and mentioned she had the sweetest bulldog that was free to a good home. She had other dogs that were aggressive with him so we happily took him in. We were fortunate to have 8 amazing years with him. He was so kind, gentle, caring and the bestest boy. He loved so fiercely that at the age of 10 his heart started to wear out from all the love he shared.