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In Memoriam: Weezy

By The Stephenson Family, published on July 12th, 2023
"Weezy was able to stay comfortably at home at a time when moving her would likely have been painful and difficult for her. We appreciated the respectful and caring vet who came to assist. "

Six years ago, we headed to a Detroit area shelter to pick up a young female basset. They brought out Weezy who was not young and not really a basset but she was sweet and needed a soft place to land so she hopped in the car and joined the family. We’ll never know her history before landing with us but her physical health and anxiety suggested a tough life. Despite her challenges, she was a sweet girl who loved everyone she met. Weezy was an escape artist who gave many people the chance to find her and return her to us. Every time we thought we had improved the fence enough to keep her contained, she proved us wrong. We couldn’t help but think she was looking for someone. As she aged, it became harder for her to get up and around but she never missed a meal or a chance to clean up kitchen spills. She was a good dog and she will be missed.